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Patel 1 Sunny Patel December 2 nd , 2010 Expository Writing 101 “the Boo” Perception is defined as how you experience the world around you. In the article “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It was Friday” Martha Stout writes about how various individuals respond to and experience dissociation. Stout also describes how dissociation can come from multiple causes and come in different forms. In the article “The Mind’s Eye” Oliver Sacks describes an assortment of individuals that go blind. All three individuals, Hull, Torry, and Tenberken, adapt to being blind in various ways. There is not an individual method in that all blind people adapt. In the piece “The Naked Citadel” Susan Faludi describes how environmental cues trigger perception. For one man named “the Boo”, perception turned out to be very misleading. According to Faludi, “the Boo” believes women were bad for The Citadel because of environmental cues. Dissociation, psychological trauma and adaptation help us understand why “the Boo” perceives the world as he does right now. Dissociation is viewed differently by all three authors. There are many instances in which Sack’s articles clash with Stout’s theory of dissociation. For example, the pain of emotions is not all physical. Stout has an example of how you don’t feel any pain until you look at the fact that you are hurt. This quote shows that not all dissociation is a result of emotion. “The direct experience of physical pain can be split off in cases of my more serious injury as well. Most of us have heard stories along the lines of a parent who, with
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Patel 2 a broken leg, goes back to the scene of an accident and wrenches open a mangled car door with her bare hands in order to rescue her child.” (Stout 664) This quote is completely against Stouts argument that dissociation only caused by trauma from persons past. Dissociation can occur while a person is in agony as well. If a person is not thinking about the pain he or she is in, he or she is dissociating. Just for a moment, they get sucked into this phase of thinking there is nothing around them and they will have no memory of what they just did, whether what they do is positive or negative. The argument that Sack’s makes contradicts everything Stout states. Hull’s deep blindness cannot be fully explained by Stout’s theory of dissociation . One reason that Hull’s deep blindness cannot be explained by dissociation is that if he was to lose his inner sight from dissociation, than he would have to have been dissociating before he became blind . “Hull, though at first greatly distressed about the fading of visual memories and images – the fact that he could no longer conjure up the faces of his wife or children, or of familiar and loved landscapes and places – then came to accept it with remarkable equanimity; indeed, to regard it as a natural response to nonvisual world .” (Sacks 507) As the quote explains,
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Diss - Patel 1 Sunny Patel December 2nd 2010 Expository...

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