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Patel 1 Sunny Patel November 17 th , 2010 Expository Writing 101 Memory and Identity The memories you have can influence the daily activities you engage in and change your perception of the world. The importance of a memory and the brain’s process in categorizing certain memories is often overlooked by the average person who is uneducated to the anatomy of the brain. These same memories you have can help shape the person you are and form your identity. Martha Stout the author of “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It Was Friday,” helps us understand our memories and how it forms our identity. She does research as a clinical psychologist in a private practice and questions reality and sanity because of her case studies as Stout’s patients display tremendous distortion due to their traumatic memories. Some of Stout’s patients had such traumatizing memories that “In response to trivial stresses, the person traumatized long ago may truly feel that danger is imminent again, be assailed full-force by the emotions, bodily sensations, and perhaps even the images, sounds, smells that once accompanied that great threat” (Stout 657). Stout’s theories are also enriched by the work of Susan Faludi, the author of “The Naked Citadel”. Faludi explores the detrimental effects that The Citadel, a militaristic school, has on the students that attend it. Within her studies of Citadel cadets, traumatic memories are prevalent and cause alterations in their behavior. These alterations are intriguing because the cadets have a completely different identity than they did in their past, before they attended the Citadel. These drastic changes in the
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Patel 2 cadets were caused by traumatizing experiences, which created a malfunction in the way their brains processed their memories. All actions and thoughts come from memory, because the only way to do something to have learned in the past. Thus, memory has the most influence on a person’s identity. Both Stout and Faludi believe that memories from traumatizing experiences, dissociation and psychological trauma helped form the identities of each individual. The experiences we are involved in can help relate memory and identity; this is shown through the works of Susan Faludi the author of “The Naked Citadel”. Many people dispute that if women were added to the environment of the Citadel, it would change the culture of The Citadel drastically. None of the individuals who attend the Citadel were born in the Citadel; they all had women in their lives before arriving in that
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memoryandidentity - Patel 1 Sunny Patel November 17th 2010...

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