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Amin Parth Amin November 14, 2008 Expository Writing 101 Dissociation Have you ever felt like you are detached from yourself? If so, you maybe dissociating. Dissociation can be defined as feeling disconnected from yourself as if you are currently not a part of your immediate environment . In the article “When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning, It was Friday” Martha Stout writes about how various individuals respond to and experience dissociation . Stout also describes how dissociation can come from multiple causes and come in different forms . In the article “The Mind’s Eye” Oliver Sacks describes an assortment of individuals that go blind . All three individuals, Hull, Torry, and Tenberken, adapt to being blind in various ways . There is not an individual method in that all blind people adapt. In the piece “The Power of Context” Malcolm Gladwell describes how environmental cues trigger fugue states . For one man named Bernard Goetz, these states turned out to be very violent. According to Gladwell, Goetz committing a shooting of four young African American males because of these environmental cues, also known as the Broken Windows theory . There are ways in which Gladwell and Sacks articles challenge some of the arguments laid out by Stout . Stout’s descriptions of dissociation can help of explain the actions of Bernard Goetz . Stout’s descriptions can also help explain why Hull fell into deep blindness . Although Stout’s explanations can be used to explain Goetz and Hull’s actions, it is too simplistic to think that both Goetz and Hull’s actions are merely a result of dissociation . 1
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Amin There are many instances in which Gladwell and Sacks’ articles clash with Stout’s theory of dissociation . For example, the pain of emotions is not all physical. For example, Stout has an example of how you don’t feel any pain until you look at the fact that you are hurt . This quote shows that not all dissociation is a result of emotion . “The direct experience of physical pain can be split off in cases of my more serious injury as well . Most of us have heard stories along the lines of a parent who, with a broken leg, goes back to the scene of an accident and wrenches open a mangled car door with her bare hands in order to rescue her child .” (Stout, 664)
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Expos6[1] - Amin Parth Amin Expository Writing 101...

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