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Sunny Patel October 27, 2010 Rough Draft Past vs Present In today’s society you have to know the past to understand the present. Crime in New York City escalated in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. The city officials used numerous distinctive methods to help decrease the crime rate during the 1990s. Malcolm Gladwell’s essay, “The Power of Context”, provides us with an environmental line of reasoning suggesting that our behaviors are considerably affected by the environment we live in. In the article “The Naked Citadel”, Susan Faludi describes the harsh and violent elements of the Citadel. These violent elements include hazing of the younger cadets. But the culture of the Citadel and the behavior of the cadets changed once the female arrived on campus. In the article “The Myth of the Ant Queen”, Steven Johnson supports the idea that the past influences the actions of the present based on the actions of the individual parts. Johnson's explanation of “self-organizing systems” like the ant queen helps support his theory. This theory relates to Gladwell’s theories through a man named Bernie Goetz. Bernie Goetz committed the crime of shooting four teenagers in the subway of New York City. Goetz’s actions, along with Faludi’s idea, about women changing the culture at the Citadel can be used to explain, the changes from past to present. In order to comprehend and adapt to our current environment, it will demand our familiarity with events that are stored in our history. The environment we live in is the chief influence in determining our behaviors from past to present. Gladwell, Johnson and Faludi believe the past influences the actions of each individual. In The Power of Context, we have a man in Bernie Goetz who, before
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he committed any unlawful actions, had been robbed and mugged numerous times. “Goetz lived a life full on many atrocities and had many occurrences of criminal behavior
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PastvsPresent - Sunny Patel Rough Draft Past vs Present In...

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