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Patel 1 Shivam Patel June 23, 2010 Paper 2 FD The Citadel Cannot be Reformed Crime in the metropolis of New York soared in the late 1980’s. City officials and council members of these areas used numerous distinctive techniques to help reduce the crime rates during this time period. One exceptionally successful ‘method’ that they employed was the Broken Windows Theory. In the essay “The Power of Context”, Malcolm Gladwell discusses, along with many other things, how the Broken Window Theory helped Mayor Giuliani clean up the streets, consequently bringing down the city’s crime rate. As a result of utilizing the Broken Windows Theory, the crime rates went down. In the article “The Naked Citadel”, Susan Faludi describes the cruel and sadistic aspects of the Citadel. Faludi illustrates how the younger cadets were sadistically hazed by their much older peers. The Broken Windows theory helps vindicate the customs of the Citadel and the conduct of the cadets ,however, alternatively, “The Power of Context” cannot be applied to justify the violent elements of the Citadel. Additionally, the principles of the Broken Windows Theory do not contain the aptitude to reform the harsh and vicious elements of the Citadel. Even though the Broken Windows theory succeeded in cleaning up the suburbs and urban areas in New York, it would be exceedingly ineffective if it’s employed in the Citadel. The Broken Windows Theory is a premise that asserts that if an individual notices a building with a few broken windows , and the windows aren’t refurbished punctually, the individual will feel careless of his/her surroundings. This theory also asserts that if a delinquent witnesses criminals getting away with criminal behavior, then that delinquent is more likely to
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Patel 2 commit the same crime. This same principle applies with the hazing that transpires in the Citadel. “And, with its strong recommendation that hazing result in expulsion, the report seemed to promise a more pacific future on campus. In the past decade and a half, however, the record of violence and cruelty at The Citadel has attracted increasing notice, even as the armed forces have been racked by downsizing and scandal.” (Faludi 189). This excerpt shows that The Citadel assured that they would punish and banish students caught hazing, but this plan was evidently never put into effect. Because the younger students witnessed the older students get away with hazing, when they became older, they reiterated the same hazing practice that they endured to the
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The_Citadel_Cannot_be_Reformed[1] - Patel 1 Shivam Patel...

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