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Shivam Patel Patel 1 August 03, 2010 FD McCandless’s Happiness On April 15 th , 1992, Chris McCandless departed from his home in South Dakota and entered the Alaskan wilderness in search for his inner being and happiness. For ninety days, Chris McCandless wandered the Alaskan wilderness with little equipment and no guidance or direction. And subsequently, ninety days later a team of men found Chris McCandless in a bus alone, malnourished, and dead. Chris McCandless’ pursuit of happiness, as described in the book ,“Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer, was too demanding for his own good. What drove Chris McCandless into going through such a deadly expedition for the pursuit of happiness? McCandless’s expedition for the pursuit of happiness was strictly for the benefit of his own happiness and self-being. However, McCandless’s so-called ‘pursuit’ could only be obtained in one way: by boosting the self-esteem. High self-esteem is an essential ingredient to achieve success and happiness. Self-esteem is how we conceptualize ourselves; it reflects the confidence level of an individual. While it appears that the significance of a ‘confident’ self-esteem is somewhat understood, the unrequited question has always been about how to improve, or enhance, an individuals’ self-esteem. Daniel Gilbert, author of “Immune to Reality”, believes that, not only does our own self-esteem influence our happiness, but also our own psychological immune system, which also boosts our self-esteem. Gilbert theorized that intense sufferings, such as the hardships that Chris McCandless endured, can boost self-esteem and subsequently, happiness. The benefit for the ‘self’ and self-esteem, along with the psychological immune system, are the primary components that are present in the pursuit and definition of happiness.
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Patel 2 Daniel Gilbert, author of “Immune to Reality”, believes that our own ‘psychological immune system is the primary component in our pursuit of happiness. In his essay, Gilbert insinuates that everybody is endowed with a ‘psychological immune system’ which permits us to think and view every situation positively for the benefit of our own happiness and self-esteem. “When experiences make us feel sufficiently unhappy, the psychological immune system cooks
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Into_the_wild_FD[1] - Shivam Patel FD McCandlesss Happiness...

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