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REFORMcitadel - Amin 1 Parth Amin Expository Writing 101...

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Amin Parth Amin October 19, 2008 Expository Writing 101 Why the Citadel Cannot be Reformed Crime in New York City escalated in the late 1980s and the early 1990s. The city officials used numerous distinctive methods to help decrease the crime rate during the 1990s. Two very effective methods that they used were the Broken Windows theory and the Power of Context. In the article “The Power of Context”, Malcolm Gladwell discusses how these techniques helped Mayor Giuliani clean up the streets and bring down the city’s crime rate. Slowly but surely, the crime rate in New York City declined by using the Broken Windows theory and the Power of the Context. In the article “The Naked Citadel”, Susan Faludi describes the harsh and violent elements of the Citadel. These violent elements include hazing of the younger cadets. The Broken Windows theory helps explain the culture of the Citadel and the behavior of the cadets. But on the other hand, the Power of Context cannot be used to explain the actions of the cadets. In addition, the principles of the Broken Windows theory and the Power of Context do not have the ability to reform the hostile and brutal elements of the Citadel. This is because if one cadet sees other cadets committing distasteful acts and getting away with them, the cadet will feel that it is acceptable to commit distasteful acts. Although the Broken Windows theory and the Power of the Context worked in cleaning up New York City, they would not work in the Citadel. The Broken Windows theory is a hypothesis that states that if a hooligan sees a building with a few broken windows , and the windows are not repaired promptly, the tendency is that hooligans will break a few more windows. This theory also states that if a delinquent sees other 1
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Amin criminals getting away with committing crimes, that delinquent is more likely to commit the same crime. The same applies with the hazing that occurs in the Citadel. “And, with its strong recommendation that hazing result in expulsion, the report seemed to promise a more pacific future on campus. In the past decade and a half, however, the record of violence and cruelty at The Citadel has attracted increasing notice, even as the armed forces have been racked by downsizing and scandal.” (Faludi, 189) This quote shows that The Citadel promised that they would expel students caught hazing other students, but this plan was clearly never put into effect. Because the younger students saw the
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