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Coccyx not part of coxal bone sitting on ischial tuberosity cox joined anteriorly symphysis pubic artic head femur to form hip join acetabulum can’t be found on femur deltoid tuberosity contain medial malleolus tibia hand on hips, iliac crest ankle bump, lateral malleolus bone not a tarsal, radius joint between bones of skull, fibrous gliding joint, wrist ankle most movement joint, saddle break lateral leg bone, fibula flexion extension, hinge meniscus is small pad of fibrocartilage not trube about hip, more movement shoulder gymnast split, flexion and hyperextension microscop chambers house bone cells, lacunae not found in lower limb, radius numerous cytoplasmic extension, dendrites MYELINATED NERVE FIBERS WHITE voluntary muscle movement cerebrum associated with diencephalon, thal nd hypothal cerebrospinal fluid is found in the subarachnoid space blow to head, blood, dura and arachnoid mater maintaining homeostasis: hypothalamus odor fade away, sensory adaptation olfactory receptors ex: chemoreceptors hearing receptors, cochlea
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Unformatted text preview: auditory nerve pathways carry impulses : temp lobe auditory ossicles found in, middle ear brain stem: pons, medualla midbrain centers control of bp, br, medulla oblongata reticular activating systen, coma connective tissue sheath around neuronal fibers perineurim inside cns, sensory impulses carried by, ascending tracts loss of smell, olfcactry, cranial nerve 1 cerebral hemisphere connected via corpus collosum broca’s area speech left frontal lobe can’t speak can’t make new memories, hippocampus parietal lobe can’t understand speech fluid filled spaces : ventricles showed a frightening image, amygdala not affect sense of taste, hypoglossal nerve not true cerebrospinal fluid, not found in subdural space visual cortex located in, occipital lobe damage vestibulocochlear nerve, equilibrium higher thought processes, cerebrum salutatory conduction: impulse jumps from node sensory imformation carried to central nervous system using afferent...
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