dream journal - Akshay Patel Period 9 Dream Journal Day 1 I...

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Akshay Patel Period 9 Dream Journal Day 1 I come to work like it’s a normal day; I clock in and get ready only to find out that I’m the only one working that day. It was just me working by myself at this McDonalds. I was trying so hard, taking orders in drive thru and the cashier, then making the food, was working so hard. Then there came a point where the work just accumulated on top of me and I screamed and ended this dream. The reason for this dream was probably because a night ago I had to work 8 hours and I was extremely tired and I barely survived. Going to work when I’m already tired makes me get even more tired. The work isn’t so bad, just being there for 8 hours is a pain. Day 2 I was racing my friend’s car, I was in my moms Mercedes C300, my friend was in his Acura TL, and everything started on the garden state parkway. I was ahead the whole time with him behind me, then all of a sudden the flashing lights come, but neither of us stopped, we kept going. It turned into a highway chase, I was pulling away but my friend was still a little behind he was maneuvering through traffic, a brick wall comes and we have no where to go. I was thinking about this kind of stuff because my friend got a ticket the other day for speeding and I was thinking about that before I went to sleep. The end came so sudden, it was just a wall and everything ended, also my friend were arguing about who can beat who in a race. Day 3 I came into first period late and my teacher threw a tantrum. She started throwing everything around the room. I got very scared because I don’t expect that from her. She almost threw a book at my friend and me. We ran out and went to the attendance office. I had this dream because I come to 1 st period late a lot. The teacher gets irritated but keeps it cool. She doesn’t lose her cool at anytime. It could be worse; I just have a tough time getting to school on time. Day 4 The scene is afterschool. The weather is warm and we are ready to play basketball. I see a lot of people I didn’t see in a while because of college. We were playing and everything was cool. We had talks and it was just a good together, it felt good everyone playing together like old times. I had this dream because we planned a game tomorrow. It will be nice to see
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dream journal - Akshay Patel Period 9 Dream Journal Day 1 I...

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