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ariticle marking period 2 biology

ariticle marking period 2 biology - Akshay Patel Period 1...

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Akshay Patel 1/21/10 Period 1 Orr, H. Allen. (2009). Testing Natural Selection. Scientific American , January 2008, 30-36. The importance of this article is to show that natural selection is a driver for evolutionary change. The idea of natural selection is simple. “Some kinds of organism survive better in certain conditions than others do; such organisms leave more progeny and so become more common over time. The environment thus ‘selects’ those organisms best adapted to present conditions” (Orr 30). The fitness is used in evolutionary biology as a term that is “the probability of surviving or reproducing in a given environment”(Orr 32). Charles Darwin theorized that natural selection drives evolution but this was not immediately accepted. Random mutations that have no good or bad effect were once thought to drive the most changes at the molecular level. Recent experiments now show that national selection for beneficial genetic mutations are common. Experiments have shown that in plant genetics, a single changed gene can sometimes have a large effect on adaptive differences between species.
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