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ap bio essay - because of polymorphisms which are slight...

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1.a mRna is chosen rather than DNA since it is needed for reverse transcrip to occur to make dna from mrna also mrna is needed to make base on the protein sequence b. the plasmid and dna need to be treated with the same restriction enzyme used producing the same sticky ends in both the dna and plasmid segments. This allows the foreign dna and plasmid to pair at the sticky ends dna ligase stabilizes the attachmn c. the transformed ecoli will produce insulin so that its one sign that the bacteria is transformed. Also the plasmid can have a resistance gene like tetracycline will kill any untransformed genes. d. the transformed bacteria cells will line since they have to resist from the plasmid 2.a.R FLPs are fragments that differ in length
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Unformatted text preview: because of polymorphisms which are slight differences in DNA sequences when restriction fragments between individuals on the same species are compared. Strs are short sequences of nucleotides (2+5 base pairs that repeat multiple times with the number of repeats varying marked among individuals. b. the lines for the short sequences of nucleotide are machines for related and non matching for unrelating c. the advantage are greater discrimination, requires less time, a smaller sample size, and the dna is less susceptible to degrading for dna fingerprinting, factors such as sample size 3. It is the victims blood since it matches the most...
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