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Website education essay - Akshay Patel English 4 Mr Antao...

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Akshay Patel English 4 Mr. Antao The Value of Website Education Valid educational experiences may be achieved from multimedia sources. From reading, “Why Heather Can Write” by Henry Jenkins and “The Liberal Arts in an Age of Info-Glut” by Todd Gitlin, it is apparent that writing on a fan website can be an educational tool. The article indicates that writing skills can be sharpened on websites. New writing skills can also be learned from reading other people’s writing online. Henry Jenkins believes website education extends the value of writing. Writing isn’t only about correct grammar. The ideas that are thought of play a big role on how well an individual can write. Through schools and families, the true feelings of a student are no longer let out. Kids want to socialize and learn through the experiences of others while sharing their own. Schools don’t teach students how to talk back to other individuals. Learning how to rewrite and improving upon their own work is very important in the college level. Online fan blogs help students in this way. Writing on a fan website is a valid educational experience because it allows teens to develop a vocabulary for talking about writing, use analytical concepts they probably won’t encounter till they have reached college, and draw connections to other peoples lives. Many skills can be developed from writing on website blogs. One skill that can possibly be learned from website blogs is the ability to socialize and speak publicly. The website blogs give kids the chance to finally share their ideas without anyone overlooking them. Many students are shy when it comes to meeting new people. To stop them from being outcasts in the world, these websites are developed so kids can relate to
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things going on in their life. Students realize that there are many similarities amongst other people’s lives when it comes down to interests they share. No longer will a kid think that he is the only one who likes some fictional creature, when he finds out there are
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Website education essay - Akshay Patel English 4 Mr Antao...

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