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1 - located inside the mouth The cells in a human’s mouth...

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1. The soap is used to dissolve and destroy the nuclear membrane and the alcohol is used to get DNA out and contain it in its layer. 2. IN order to break the initial cell walls the strawberries need to be mashed. To remove the organelles and other things that you do not need in this experiment a cheesecloth is used. This gives the pure DNA extract. 3. The molecules of DNA were not visible. A bunch of DNA strands were clumped together just like the way they are during the beginning of cellular division. The double helix and chemical form are much more magnified. Every molecule is visible. 4. Animal Cells do not have cell walls. Mashing “human” cells would not be necessary for a scientist. This step would be completely removed from the process. The salt and detergent would still be needed because DNA is in the nucleus. The nuclear membrane must be destroyed. 5. DNA can be extracted from a living person my simply using the cells
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Unformatted text preview: located inside the mouth. The cells in a human’s mouth are convenient because they are constantly dividing at a fast rate. Cells are being replaced a lot. These cells are easy to obtain. 6. The DNA in an animal is more complicated than the DNA in strawberry. When the DNA is more complicated, more time and effort is needed to analyze simple details. The DNA in animals are very long and can be very fragile. 7. A few other things were extracted in this experiment besides DNA. The purpose of the cheesecloth was to remove the unnecessary items in this experiment. Organelles of the strawberry cells were unnecessary. 8. Scientists can identify people with their DNA. Crime investigators use this to find a criminal in a group of suspects. This is possible because DNA is somewhere at the scene of a crime of the criminal. This tool is effective because the DNA of an individual is unique....
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