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Akshay Patel 10/27/09 English 4 Mr. Antao Fate is chosen by the individual and what he or she makes it to be, not the probability and coincidence of the surrounding environment. Within the story of “The Secret Sharer” by Joseph Conrad an opportunity is created for Leggatt as he can escape from the ship and his trouble. The captain spots Leggatt as he is trying to climb the side ladder of the ship. Leggatt escaped the previous ship he was on because he was charged for murdering the captain of that ship. He fleed the ship and coincidentally found the Sephora, where the young captain allows him to stay on board without acknowledging the other crewmen. Leggatt was very close to becoming a man without rights, but destiny lead him to find a ship with a captain who would approve of his stay. He swam through the waters of the Gulf of Siam without clothes and found his escape. Even with the sins of being a murderer Leggatt found his way to freedom, to a captain who battled his own conscience to help Leggatt find this opportunity. The duties of the ship were disrupted. The young captain was new to the ship and
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