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Themes Change Throughout the book Alice is going through many changes. She is growing older and is in the adolescent stage of her life. Teens at a young age often go through this a lot. They just can’t look the way they want. It is because their bodies are developing. In chapter 5, she can’t control her body parts so her neck grows very long. She realizes her image, and she wants to change all of this. Death Alice’s life is at risk when she endures her journey through wonderland. This shows that death can happen anytime, to anyone, and anywhere. She goes through a lot with her life on the line. She never wanted to mention her falling off a roof, because it was going to scare those around her. She finds wonderland dangerous, especially when
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Unformatted text preview: the Queen of Hearts says “off with its head”. She realizes that she can come close to this at anytime. These are things she doesn’t want to be part of. Dream All these adventures Alice goes through in the story, all takes place in her head. All of this is a dream. All the life experiences she goes through in real life, connects with her imagination and creates her own wonderland. She really learns a lot about herself. She finds out that she faces more challenges then she thinks. Alice will be ready for what the future has coming. It was a dream well needed. There is so much a young girl can do at her age. But with dreams, and the visions in her head, she can learn a lot. Now she knows so much more about herself....
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