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fb about me - sooo.this is Akshay = ♥ a junior at pHs and...

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Unformatted text preview: sooo....this is Akshay =] ♥ a junior at pHs ... and he's hawt! ....he's the nicest guy u'll ever meet. so i met him only last year at this weird school thing -- the day he got his ears pierced =] and yeah we've been frnds since. we usually dont become such good frnds this fast...but our case was way diff. we became like bffz. it was amazing. cant forget that day. then we started talking and talking...and more and more. before i knew it...we were best frnds. honestly, he's an amazing frnd...u can tell him stuff and really ask for help without thinking twice. he's always there when u need him and always willing to help! omg. he's helped me sooooo many times in life. its amazing. he's just an amazing person. yeah he's the bestfrnd that everyone wants =] yeah i can go on and on...but that would take days. to cut it short -- he's an amazing person. aww and he's super cute and adorable. like really! sooo cute =] yeah i love him ♥ everyone loves him...like everyone!! but i love him more than everyone ♥ ...oh and one more thing -- he's mine ♥ he's the bestest boyfriend ever.... haha and i almost forgot -- he takes naptimes like a baby...dats soo cute. oh and icecream and peanutbutter ♥ ..he wants to get his license real bad!!! which is real soon April 23rd <-- his birthday! oh and me smells like heaven! like walk past him and u'll know! xP and he has this "A" earring....its mad sexy =] yeah... =] trust me i can go on and on forever and ever. lol. but in short... i love you ♥ and ur the best =] ♥ ...
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