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frankenstein isolationism essay

frankenstein isolationism essay - Akshay Tejas Tommy Joe...

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Akshay, Tejas, Tommy, Joe Period 7/8 Morales Isolationism in Frankenstein Isolationism is a key theme in the novel Frankenstein. Characters are alienated from one another. You see how characters such as Victor Frankenstein, the creature, and Robert Walton react to the loneliness and isolationism. Their friends and family are missing; they get a desperate feeling when faced with this problem. They are just looking for those certain people that will be there for them in any situation. But, family and friends are not available to them. Things always go wrong with them. All these characters are looking for is love, someone to love, and someone to love them back. You will see the behavior of these individuals is a result of their loneliness. There will be tragedies, and murders, and more than one person will suffer from account of these killings. Isolationism is a huge theme in the novel. One character that resembles isolationism is Victor Frankenstein. In the beginning of the novel when Victor lived in Geneva he cared about his family, but he also cared about his work. While Victor lived in Geneva he was active with his family, but when he got too caught up with his work Elizabeth would pull him away and tell him to relax. So Victor’s whole focus was not on his work when he lived in Geneva. Then Victor went to the University of Ingolstadt to study science. When Victor left for Ingolstadt his dad told him to write letters everyday. When Victor first began his study he wrote a letter to his family everyday. When Victor got done with college he wanted to study the human body, how everything work and how humans lived and died. Victor then decided to create a human being from dead body parts. When Victor began this experiment he isolated himself from his family. Victor never wrote a letter to his
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Akshay, Tejas, Tommy, Joe Period 7/8 Morales family while he was doing this experiment. While Victor isolated himself from his family he became more pale and tired. Then after Victor was done creating the monster he became sick because of the loneliness and tiredness.
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