optics lab - fundamental lens equation you can plug in...

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Akshay Patel 4/2/11 Period 10 Honors Physics Lab- Optics Objective: To study the relationship between object and image through a converging lens and verify the Lens equation Conclusion: When moving a convex lens at different distances, we see that there are different images shown on the screen. The di and hi vary as u change the d0. The mean focal point was 74.4 mm. The expected result was 75 mm. The lens we used in this experiment was a converging lens because the distance of the focal length was positive. The values of d0 gave us consistent values until we got to 75mm. At 75, we found that the d1 value was infinity and the hi value was unavailable because we cant see till infinity. D1 increases as d0 decreases. This makes sense because the lens equation, you can see the reason why the trend is followed in that manner. Also when going to a value below 75 mm, the image didn’t exist. The reason it didn’t exist was because the image is virtual. Using the
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Unformatted text preview: fundamental lens equation, you can plug in infinity, but you wont get a number because you can’t measure infinity, at 75mm. For values lower, the image is just virtual. There was one value for d0 that got us 0 percent error. That was when d0 was 450. There were some possible sources of error in our lab. The room wasn’t completely dark when doing this experiment so there may have been miscalculations due to that reason. It was hard measuring the light image that showed up with a ruler. Other than that the percent error was relatively low. But, Akshay Patel 4/2/11 Period 10 the percent error increased as the value for d0 went down. It was harder to measure the image, as it got bigger. The ruler can only do so much. The units we worked with had to do with the percent error, but we can’t measure lower than millimeters. The human eye can only do so much....
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optics lab - fundamental lens equation you can plug in...

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