1984 vocab - knell funeral bell lackey follower w/o will...

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Anodyne-pain reliever Aquiline-eagle like armaments-war equipment deride to ridicule dissemble-conceal hide discount-discourage frown denunciat- announcement debauchery- indulgence app edified-improved the mind equivocal-misleading fulminating-hurling denun frontispiece-illustration title gamboling- playing around incongruous-inappropriate inextricably-disconnected impedimenta- baggage irrepressible-uncontrolable inexorably- unrelentingly
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Unformatted text preview: knell- funeral bell lackey- follower w/o will lassitude-weariness myriad-indef. Large # odious- offensive, hate pneumatic- moved by air palimpsest-written on over palpable-clear to the mind pedantic-lack of judge philologist-expert literar repudiate- disown Specious- false sinecures-offices or posts strident- harsh tacitly-without words unorthodoxy-against belief...
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