ch14 - lnK1/K2 = Ea/R(T1-T2/T1T2) logk = logA Ea/2.30RT...

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0 .A 0 – A = kt 1 .logA0/A = kt/2.30 2 .1/A-1/A0 = kt Halflife 0 .A0/2k 1 .0.693/k 2 .1/k(A]0 plot 0 .A vs. T (-k) 1 .logA vs t (-k) 2 .1/A vs t (k) lnK= -Ea/RT + lnA
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Unformatted text preview: lnK1/K2 = Ea/R(T1-T2/T1T2) logk = logA Ea/2.30RT (slope logk2/k1 = Ea/2.30R times T2-t1/T2T1 f = e-Ea/2.3RT...
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