chem ch 11,13 - osmP=(nRT/V)i =MRTi ch T= ikm 0.512-1.86...

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BP: high, strongest attraction FP high, strongest attraction VP low, strongest attraction visc. H bonding and mass HOV high, strongest IPA, heaviest EFUS high, higher QQ, lattice energy, radius smaller C=kP mass solute/ vol of solvent
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Unformatted text preview: osmP=(nRT/V)i =MRTi ch T= ikm 0.512, -1.86 lnP1-lnP2 = hvap/R (1/T2-1/T1) 1/2a=r, 2r =side 4r= sqrt (3a 2 ) a 2 =8r 2 sat- diss. Max solvent supersat- more than max dissolve temp up solubility of gas solute down...
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