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Ho! Here in the heart of Scotland, there has been a murder!  A nobleman by the name of Banquo was brutally stabbed to  death leaving his body floating in a sea of blood. His  wounds include 20 gashes to the head. Judging by the size,  position and angle of each gash, authorities have been lead  to believe that more than one man in responsible for this  murder, to be specific, three. Banquo was making his way  to the royal palace to attend a dinner when the incident  occurred. As of right now, there are no witnesses to the  murder. But before the incident, neighbors saw Banquo  leaving his house to go to the dinner with his son Fleance,  who is now no where to be found. This is the second  mystery murder in recent weeks that involves the victim’s  sons disappearing after the murder. I had to chance to interview some people who are 
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Unformatted text preview: connected to Banquo, despite this being a tragic loss for them. I had a chance to speak with one of his good friends, Macbeth. I asked him about how he was feeling at this point. All he can say was, Banquo is a great loss to his heart. He loved him so much, he was such a fierce warrior. He said, “why, why shall he die, free me from this guilt, free me, free me now.” Lady Macbeth came and took hold of Macbeth and said he gets temporary fits, just ignore. It scared me a bit, I know it’s tragic but he seemed like he was freaking out. z Nobleman assassinated as son Fleas the scene z Banquo has been murdered A u t h o r s : A k s h a y P a t e l , a n d G e o r g e C o n e o Scottish Times 1 2 A D the...
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