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Vapor Density Method - should be small but large enough for...

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Akshay Patel Period 1 4/2/11 Vapor Density Method Objective: Find the molar mass of an unknown liquid using the vapor density method. Procedure: 1. Get all your materials together, put goggles and aprons on. 2. Measure the volume the flask can hold, use a graduated cylinder. 3. Get a piece of foil. Secure foil over the flask and secure the foil on the flask. Measure the mass of the flask. 4. Take a large beaker; this will be used as a water bath for the flask because the direct heating is dangerous. The liquid may be flammable directly. The beaker should be filled to cover the flask but water shouldn’t touch the foil. 5. Go to the instructor to obtain the unknown liquid. 6. Get the thermometer and measure the initial temperature. 7. Ready the flask with the liquid and cover with aluminum foil. You must then make a hole in the center of the aluminum foil. The foil
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Unformatted text preview: should be small, but large enough for you to see light through under. 8. Set up the ring stand, set the beaker with water on the iron ring, Then, submerge the flask with unknown liquid in the water bath, Take a thermometer and put it in the water. 9. When you have the thermometer ready, light the Bunsen burner. 10. While heating, wait until there is most of the gas is vaporized and there’s one drop of the liquid left, measure the temperature at this point. 11. Find the mass of the flask with the gas, using a balance. You will notice the gas is turning back to liquid as it’s condensing. 12. Now use the equations MVP = mRT and D=PM/RT to find the molar mass and vapor density of the unknown gas. Akshay Patel Period 1 4/2/11 Data: Mass of flask Mass of empty flask Mass of gas Temperature Volume of flask...
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