ch5 - 2 A (tan2a) 8.+- sq(1+cosA/2) (cosA/2) 9.+-...

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1.sinAcosB + sinBcosA (sin+) 2.sinAcosB – sinBcosA (sin-) 3.cosAcosB – sinAsinB (cos+) 4.cosAcosB + sinAsinB (cos-) 5.sinAcosA (sin2A) 6.cos 2 A – sin 2 A (cos2A) 7. 2tanA/1-tan
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Unformatted text preview: 2 A (tan2a) 8.+- sq(1+cosA/2) (cosA/2) 9.+- sq(1-cosA/2) (sinA/2) 10. sinA/1+cosA (tanA/2) 11. tanA + tanB/1-tanAtanB 12. tanA-tanB/1+tanAtanB...
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