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path independence lab - Akshay Patel Period 10 Path...

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Akshay Patel Period 10 Path Independence Objective: How does the path an object takes affect the work energy theorem? Conclusion: The path of an object takes affects the work energy theorem by changing the velocity. Changing the velocity will also change the components of velocity, which are distance and time. The work-energy theorem says that work is equivalent to energy. The work applied to an object is calculated from the product of the applied force and the displacement of the object. The work-energy theorem states that if an external force acts upon an object, the kinetic energy is forced to change. When kinetic energy is changed, the velocity will be affected. Different paths will affect the velocity when talking about the work energy theorem. The net work equals the change in kinetic energy. That is the final kinetic energy minus the initial kinetic energy. In this lab, you worked with a ball and rolled it down a track. There were four different types of track, which were all labeled in four
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path independence lab - Akshay Patel Period 10 Path...

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