hero quest - Akshay Patel 4/2/11 Period 7/8 Killing Respect...

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Akshay Patel 4/2/11 Period 7/8 Killing Respect It was a quiet night in Brooklyn; streets empty as you hear the trains from underneath the ground. These college kids were up in their dorm watching the football game. It was just Arthur, John, Steve, and Rick; they were just rooting on their favorite teams. All of a sudden, gunshots fired as the door bangs open, three men barge in raiding the place while placing guns to the head of Steve, John, and Rick. A fourth man comes through the door and takes Arthur and leaves and the other 3 men follow. But, when Steve, John, and Rick went to go look outside to see what happened, Arthur was long gone, he was kidnapped. Steve calls the police to let them know, they arrive at the scene, but it was too late. Arthur had to be found. The guys would be ready to do anything to find him. Arthur, John, Steve, and Rick were the hotshot guys back in their high school days. They were looked up upon by all the kids of the school. There was also a boy named Carlos that use to hang out with them until Arthur moved into town the end of freshman year. After that summer, Carlos didn’t really hang out with the guys much. He was gong through some sort of depression for some reason. He just didn’t feel the same. Arthur, John, Steve, and Rick were still the guys on top. They were competitive in everything, they were the smartest kids, and were dominant in the sports. All the girls talked about these guys. The guys were cocky too; they would often rub this all in other people’s face. Carlos was a part of the showboating, but now he was on the other side of the fence. He was the one receiving it. The next morning the guys knew they had to think of something to find Arthur, he can’t be that far away. Next thing you know, the doorbell rings. Rick checks to see whose there, but it’s no one. All he sees is a piece of paper. That piece of paper is a letter. The letter read: Dear Steve, John, Rick, 1
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Akshay Patel 4/2/11 Period 7/8 As you can see I have taken your friend. I have taken him to a place far, far away. You won’t be able to see him again, and that’s guaranteed. If you guys want to give it a shot, the only thing I’ll let you know is that Arthur is with me here in the mountains of Russia. All my life, throughout my childhood, I was the best at everything, till Arthur moved here. I was on top of the class; I was the starting quarterback for our high school team. That one year he moved here, he took it all. I am nothing if I am the best. You might be starting to have an idea of whom I am. I was never a quiet kid until Arthur
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hero quest - Akshay Patel 4/2/11 Period 7/8 Killing Respect...

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