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Akshay Patel I, Wendell Phillips, am an abolitionist. I got into the abolitionist movement because of my achievements, goals, and skill. I reside at Boston, Massachusetts. Along with the Abolition movement, I am an activist for the Women’s rights movement, Temperance movement, and equal rights for Native Americans. I play many roles in these movements. My occupations are being a Politician, lawyer, orator, advocate, writer, and debater. I am the spokesperson for the movement. The initial goal of our movement is to end slavery in the United States. We also want to stop the discrimination of African-Americans. They also should be given the same rights as the white man. I know these goals are a bit extreme, but they are what we
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Unformatted text preview: need to make this nation a better place. Not only due to my efforts, but also along with the other abolitionists, there became the ratification of the 14 th amendment. All citizens born in the United States were now considered citizens. We can do much more than this to make it a fair and equal nation. The president can do much to help our movement. The federal government can help by proposing legislation. They are in control. There must be and end to slavery immediately. We can work with solutions from there on in. The government should know that slavery is wrong. It’s not what our country is about. We want all citizens to have freedom and equality. We need your help in order to make this possible....
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