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WGS 220-01 Gender and Popular Culture SPRING 2011 Instructor: Sara Scully - [email protected] Class Meets: *On Tuesdays we may begin class up to a half hour early to accommodate a film screening, etc. See schedule below. Office: Bliss 117 Office Hour: Tuesday 11-12 pm Description: This class will explore gender, what it is and how it is created and the ways in which major media companies and popular culture redefines, reveals and reinforces gender. We will focus on: advertising, magazines & tv; Hip Hop; plastic surgery and the internet. We will explore responses to major media portrayals of gender as well as alternative media production & distribution. Required Texts: Dines, Gail and Jean M Humez. Gender, Race and Class in Media, A Text Reader , 3rd edition Various articles on SOCS and internet websites Expectations: Class Participation: Your class participation is vital to this course. Your fellow students need to hear from you and everyone in class, yourself included, needs to gain experience exchanging ideas and being exposed to their classmates' diverse perspectives. When you share your perspective on the material in class, it will not only help your fellow students learn, it will also indicate to me whether you are doing the readings and how well you comprehend what you are learning. Please attend class and be prepared to participate. Late Assignments: Late work will not be accepted. Work delivered after the due date will be given a zero. Your written assignments are to be printed and delivered to me in class on the day they are due (except your final paper which may be submitted to my office mailbox on the due date). In Emergency or Illness: If you cannot deliver your work in class on the day it is due because of you are ill or have a true emergency, you may submit your work to me on the day it is due via email. If you cannot get on email that day due to illness or emergency, please notify me of your situation by email or by phoning the WGS Office in Bliss Hall before the time the work is due. If you do not notify me before the time the work is due, you will receive a zero. Cell Phones & Web Surfing: Please silence your cell phone before class and refrain from text messaging. Computers are to be used for notes only. Anyone caught text messaging or surfing the web will be required to write a 2 page paper on that week's readings.
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WGS 220-01 Gender and Popular Culture SPRING 2011 Assignments Due Date % of Grade Description 1/25 5% My Gender Privilege Checklist: Based on the idea of "The Male Privilege Checklist" in Men's Lives, by Barry Deutsch, and informed by the readings on the idea of the hegemonic white male, create your own Male Privilege Checklist based on your own personal experience. You may suggest an alternative Checklist for a Privileged Gender but please clear with me first. 2/8
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sscully-WGS_220_01_Syllabus-203643111 - WGS 220-01...

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