Geo101.13.haiti[1] - A powerful earthquake hit the...

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11/1/10 1 A powerful earthquake hit the impoverished country of Haiti on Tuesday, collapsing the presidential palace and numerous other critical government buildings and raising fears of substantial casualties in what a witness called “a major, major disaster.” NBC News Before and After Earthquake Presidential Palace in Port-au-Prince, Haiti The earthquake occurred about 10 miles west of the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, and caused extreme shaking. Modified Mercalli Intensity Perceived Shaking Extreme Violent Severe Very Strong Strong Moderate Light Weak Not Felt USGS Shaking Intensity Mike Blanpied of the US Geological Survey said that, based on the location and size of the quake, about three million people would have been severely shaken by its impact. Left: Photo taken prior to the earthquake. Low income housing- unreinforced masonry. Further complicating the situation, many people live in structures that are vulnerable to earthquake shaking. Below: After BBC BBC "Thousands of people were feared dead today after a powerful earthquake struck Haiti's capital, leaving tens of thousands homeless and buried beneath rubble. ...Thousands of people gathered in public squares late into the night, singing hymns and weeping, with many seriously injured people sitting in the streets pleading for doctors."
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Geo101.13.haiti[1] - A powerful earthquake hit the...

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