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The “Unofficial” Geo101 Exam III Review Exam is on Lectures Stratigraphy and on as posted on Sakai 1. Why does Earth have seasons? 2. What are the three Milankovich cycles? 3. What are their periodicities? 4. How /why do they affect Earth’s climate? What is insolation? 5. How does the Earths’ core affect Earth’s atmosphere? 6. What is ozone?, How does that affects earth’s atmosphere? 7. What and how are oxygen isotopes used to infer past climate / temperature change? 8. How did Earth’s atmosphere evolve over its first few billion years? 9. What are the 3 major limbs of the Tree of Life…which branch do we belong to? What are methanogens (archaebacteria)? What are cyanobacteria …also known as blue-green algae? 10. How do we use oxygen isotopes ( 18 O/ 16 O) as a proxy to infer past climate / temperature change? 11. What are and what do BIFs tell us? 12. What do mean by continental growth by plate tectonic accretion? What are supercontinents? 13. What affects Earth’s climate (both long term and short term effects)?
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