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syllabus Spring 2011 - Syllabus Physics 0847, How Things...

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Syllabus Physics 0847, “How Things Work” Section II Spring 2011 TEXT: Conceptual Physics, Paul G. Hewitt, Temple University Binder Edition, Publisher: Pearsons (Available from the SAC Book Store) Support Text: (needed only for the students interested in Science and Science Fiction in films as a project) Threats to Humanity, L.W. Dubeck and S. E. Moshier, Ishi Press Prerequisits: None GOALS The course, as taught, will be divided into two major sections: the first, dealing with the motion of physical objects, and the second section dealing with the properties of matter and the electromagnetic radiation. The first part is almost twice as big as the second. The course will be taught by lectures and there would be no portion dedicated to laboratory experiments. The goal is to make the student develop a conceptual understanding of: 1. The laws governing the motion of physical bodies, starting from the motion of objects on earth to spacecrafts, satellites, stars and galaxies. 2. Difference between Aristotle’s, Galileo’s and Newton’s description of motion. 3. A quantitative understanding of motion by using physical quantities and concepts such as speed, velocity, acceleration, force, momentum and energy. 4. Newton’s laws of motion and their universality of application in everyday life to cosmology. 5. Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation and how it applies on earth as well as in describing the universe and its formation as we know it today. 6. Appreciation of the properties of matter, how they are derived on the basis of atomic scale properties of the constituent matter. 7.
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This note was uploaded on 04/03/2011 for the course PHYSICS sec002 taught by Professor Hassan during the Spring '11 term at Temple.

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syllabus Spring 2011 - Syllabus Physics 0847, How Things...

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