history survey syllabus 2011(2)

history survey syllabus 2011(2) - History 1102 Spring 2011...

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David Farber Spring 2011 Gladfelter 950 MW 10-10:50 [email protected] + weekly section meeting Office hours MW 11-12:30 United States History 1877 to the Present This survey course will provide a general overview of recent U.S. history. Within that framework we will focus on four broad questions: what has equality meant in the United States; how has democracy worked; how has the American economy developed; and what role has the United States played in the world? We all meet Monday and Wednesday at 10:00 for fifty minutes in the lecture hall. All students must also attend a discussion section. These sections meet once a week for fifty minutes. Course Requirements Test One 12.5 points Test Two 12.5 points Final Exam 25 points Short Paper (300-400 words) 5 points Short Paper (500-600 words) 10 points Fairly Short Paper (900-1200 words) 15 points Discussion Section Meetings 20 points Required Course Text Mary Beth Norton, et al., A People and a Nation, Volume 2 , 2011, ninth edition (APAN) I requested that the Temple book store order the lower-priced “Advantage” edition, retail price $48.95; you may also use the full-price 9 th edition of APAN volume 2 if you prefer a book with more illustrations, maps, and other features. Required Website Houghton Mifflin Online Study Center (HM) Textbook Site for: A People and A Nation (APAN) http://college.hmco.com/history/us/norton/people_nation/7e/students/index.html Once there click on the appropriate area at the bottom of the page: Interactive Maps (M) or Primary Sources (PS); then click the chapter button and move to the assigned chapter; find the document and click on it. I urge you to print any document that you will be working on in discussion section or need for a writing assignment. Blackboard I will use Blackboard to communicate with students and to post course documents including the syllabus, study guides, and the occasional course reading. 1
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history survey syllabus 2011(2) - History 1102 Spring 2011...

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