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Fp week6 - monthly payment each month The car that I have...

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o What recommendation does the calculator make for you? o Did the recommendation change the way you previously thought about buying vs. leasing a car? o Do you think you will follow the recommendations made by the calculator? Explain why or why not. Using the calculator the recommendation they made for me was to buy my next car. The recommendation indicated that I should buy a car because I like to keep my car as long as possible, and being that leases expire after two to four year you will get a new car whenever you renew your lease. No the recommendation didn’t change the way I thought, because I have never wanted to lease a car. If I want a new car I like to save the money and just pay for it in cash. This way I do not have to worry about a
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Unformatted text preview: monthly payment each month. The car that I have now I saved my money for 6 months and paid for the car in cash, and I also saved money to pay for my insurance for the full 6 months. In my opinion I think it is always better to pay for everything in cash, because if you lose your job or don’t have enough money you don’t have to worry about another bill. Yes, I have already followed the recommendation made by the calculator. When you think about leasing a car you will never have a car that is your own, because you’re leasing it. You will always have to worry about making a payment each month, but when you buy your own car once you have it paid off it is yours....
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