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Mary's Balance Sheet Assets Checking account $1,500 Savings Account $100 Total Liquid Assets $1,600 Autos $9,500 Personal belongins $4,500 $14,000 Retirement account $0 College Savings Plan $0 Total Investment Assets $0 Home (current value) $135,000 TOTAL ASSETS $150,600 Liabilities Mortgage payment $350 Utility and other bills $200
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Unformatted text preview: Credit card minimum payments $150 Total Current Bills $700 Credit Card balances VISA (18% APR) $3,300 MasterCard (18% APR) $4,500 Department Store Card (22% APR) $1,800 Total credit card balances $9,600 Auto loans $4,000 Mortgage $70,000 TOTAL DEBT $84,300 Net Worth $66,300...
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