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660 36 Spelling Using the Right Letters Understand the Importance of Spelling Correctly Unfortunately, spelling errors are easy for readers to spot, and they make a bad impression. Fortunately, practice greatly improves spelling. Read the following paragraph, the body of a follow-up letter one stu- dent wrote to a prospective employer after an interview: Thank you for the oportunity to meet about the summer internship at Margate Associates. I hope you will ± nd that my coursework in graphic design and my excellant communication skills make me a promiseing candidate for the position. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I am happy to provide you with referances if you need them. PRACTICE 1 FINDING SPELLING ERRORS Underline the four spelling errors in the preceding paragraph. In the space provided, write the correct spelling of each word. If you are serious about improving your spelling, you need to have a dictionary and a spelling list (a list of words you often misspell) — and you need to use them. IDEA JOURNAL Describe a place in your town or city. For more spelling practice, visit Exercise Central at bedfordstmartins .com/realessays . ¡
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EDITING ESSAYS Chapter 36 • Spelling 661 A dictionary contains the correct spellings of words, along with in- formation on how they are pronounced, what they mean, and where they came from. When proofreading your papers, use a current dictionary either in print or online. The following are two popular online dictionaries: Merriam-Webster Online at . This dictionary has a wildcard search feature. If you are fairly sure how the beginning of a word is spelled, you can enter those letters and then an asterisk (*) and get a list of the words that begin with the letters. From the list, you can choose the word you want. Your Dictionary at . This site features specialty dictionaries for business, computers, law, medicine, and other ± elds. If you have trouble ± nding words in a regular dictionary, get a spelling dictionary, which is designed to help you ± nd a word even if you have no idea how to spell it. Checking a dictionary is the single most important thing you can do to improve your spelling. Keeping a spelling list will help you edit your papers and learn how to write the words correctly. From this list of words you often misspell, identify your personal spelling “demons” — the ± ve to ten words that you misspell most frequently. Write these words, spelled correctly, on an index card, and keep the card somewhere handy so that you can consult it when- ever you write. Practice Spelling Correctly Don’t try to correct your grammar, improve your message, and check your spelling at the same time. Instead, do separate proofreading passes for each editing task.
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com155_Ch36 - 36 Spelling Using the Right Letters...

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