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Call Center Statistics 1 Running head: CALL CENTER STATISTICS Call Center Statistics Andrea Mason BUS308: Statistics for Managers Instructor: Robert Neely December 13, 2010
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Call Center Statistics 2 Call Center Statistics In a call center statistics plays a very important role. In most cases these statistics play a positive role. It helps to identify strengths and weaknesses. It also helps to get customers’ honest opinions on service received and quality of the service. With the statistics used by call center management they can make accurate and appropriate changes to increase customer satisfaction as well as the quality of service. While it can be inaccurate at times, call center statistics helps improve customer service because it shows areas which need improvement, gives honest opinions, and gives managers the ability to understand how customer view their services and what they expect. The first steps in which call centers use statistics is during training. During training new agents are all trained in the same way. They are taught how to utilize their time on the phone with customers in order to improve accuracy and efficiency and they are taught standard procedures. They learn about quality standards and expectations they must meet each month. For example when working in the Comcast call center, we were expected to meet or exceed 75% on first call resolution (FCR). We also had to meet or exceed two Comcast Digital Voice (CDV) sales or upgrades per month. These expectations were not only used to maximize the company’s standards, but also had to be met in order to receive commission. These were the two measurements that had to be met in the Internet Protocol (IP) department. Other departments such as billing, sales, and retention had different requirements they had to meet in order to receive commission. All goals were presented in written form and overall statistics for each department was demonstrated in bar graph form. This information helped to show each agent areas where they could use improvement or further training. In most call centers after call work (ACW) is used by agents to wrap up a call by notating the
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Call Center AM - Call Center Statistics Running head: CALL...

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