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Multiple+choice+accounting+problem+IV - 1 The_budget...

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1. The ________budget projects cash inflows and outflows and the end of period balance sheet. a. Cash. b. Financial. c. Capital expenditures d. purchases 2. CVP analysis assumes that the ONLY factor that affects costs in change in volume. True False 3. Total Fixed Costs $15,000 Sale Price per Unit $23 Variable Cost per Unit $15 If Sales Revenue per Unit decreases to $18 and 15,000 units are sold, what is the Operating Income or Loss? 4. Mist Company sells two products, X and Y. Mist predicts that it will sell 2,500 units of X and 1,500 units of Y in the next period. The unit contribution margins are $3.50 and $4.80, respectively. What is the Weighted Average Unit Contribution Margin?
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5. To calculate the Weighted Average Contribution Margin, divide the sum of the individual product contribution margins by the sales mix in units. True False 6. Which of the following statements is TRUE with respect to Fixed Costs per Unit? 7. Canine Company produces and sells dog treats for discriminating pet owners. The unit selling price is $10. Unit Variable Cost are $7, and Total Fixed Costs are $3,300. What are breakeven sales? a. $4,714. b. $11,000. c. $7,700. d. $3,300.
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