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Biology Field Trip Blog - Biology Field Trip Blog It was...

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Biology Field Trip Blog It was eight o’clock in the morning and somehow I found myself, number one, not at school, and number two, staring at a picture of 6 bison. The picture immediately drew me in from the beginning; it grabbed my attention from the minute we walked into the exhibit. As soon as I saw the picture of the bison I knew it was most probably of the only herd of bison in Memphis, the ones at Shelby Farms; I mean, where else would you find a herd of bison? The colors of the picture can best be described as a mildewy green with great heaps of earth tones for the bison. The point of view is also another aspect of the image that struck me as out of the ordinary. It’s very subtle but after close observation I noticed that the point of view was slightly lower than many of the other photographs on display, macro pictures aside. The photographer was most likely lowered while taking the photograph, either this, or the height difference between the photographer (Sra. Negroni) and myself. The setting gives me a feeling of the morning dawn. The dew is still on the grass and the sun is showing off a pale unleaded yellow instead of a dawn-red. The picture also gives off a feeling of an early fall morning, the type of spring morning slightly nudging towards the winter solstice. The bison as a whole also intrigued my curiosity. At first glance one might say, “There’s just six bison. There’s not too much to this picture,” this,
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This note was uploaded on 03/31/2011 for the course BIOLOGY 112 taught by Professor Drbrooks during the Spring '08 term at U. Memphis.

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Biology Field Trip Blog - Biology Field Trip Blog It was...

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