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Biotic- Dolphins, Seal, sea gull, flat fish, lobster. Abiotic- Water, rocks, sea movement, oxygen levels in the water, temperature of the water Populations- dolphins, seaweed, fish. The populations above live off of each other. For example: the fish would eat the seaweed, and then the fish would get eaten by something bigger than itself which would probably be the dolphin. The first level of the chart is an organism. An organism in this picture would be
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Unformatted text preview: anything that is a living thing, fish, lobsters, so on and so forth… A population in this picture would be any of the populations listed above. The third part of the chart, a community would be the seal, seaweed, fish, lobsters, and dolphins. They would eat each other, and also keep each other alive in a sense, and that is how they would interact....
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