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notes - Sun=Nuclear power House Plants are the only...

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Rules for microscope 1. Always carry microscope with both hands. 2. Keep both eyes opened when viewing 3. Use the lowest power first to locate you object 4. Course adjustment then fine. Ecology- the study of the interactions between living and nonliving things Nonliving things-Abiotic: Soil air water table rock binder, so on and so forth… Living things- Biotic Humans, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats so on and so forth… Organism- one thing. Population- little community of organisms. Community- interactions between different organisms that are living. Ecosystem- community of organisms, and non living things that live together. Biosphere- Earth. The sun powers all power on the Earth. The sun causes the wind, light, temperature, and so on…
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Unformatted text preview: Sun=Nuclear power House Plants are the only organisms that can store and use the sun’s light. Sun is a ball of Hydrogen gas 4h=1 helium It takes 200 years for the heat particles to reach earth. Producers- plants that get the sun’s energy and use it to produce food. 1 st level consumer- Consumer eats grass 2 nd level consumer- Consumer eats the 1 st level consumer 3 rd level consumer- scavengers, vultures. Decomposers- Bacteria, Mold, Fungus, Worms Food Chain- Chain of Life/Circle of Life Food web- multiple things are being eaten...
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