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Roy Lan #2 KTH 8/31/07 Scientific Method Hypothesis Variable group and control group. Area Grams D. C. A. A. C. B. If it is not testable then there is no way to prove it right or wrong. A prediction is what people think happens in an experiment. It is normally in Liters and cm3. We normally use grams or KG’s. (on Inspiration) There should be this because the people need to know the answer to the
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Unformatted text preview: scientific experiments, and also there is no other way to conduct some types of experiments besides this way. • The vitamins enhance the Mice’s strength and endurance. • 75 cm3 • This equals to about five mm. • Yellow: 20 Red: 20 • 10, 5 • This is an unreliable test because there are four red plants and only two yellow plants....
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