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Pages 438-443 Roy Lan #2 KTH 9/10/07 Questions 1-4 1. They are linked because they do not allow over population of different biotic factors. For example if all of the herbivore consumers suddenly died, then that means that the producers such as plants and algae would thrive and over-populate the area, and at the same time the carnivores that eat the herbivores would also die from starvation. This shows you that all the parts of the food chain can influence the whole chain. Note: you could also do the same example to any of the other biotic factors in the food chain such as carnivores or producers. 2. The food chains link together with food webs because the food chains are a lot smaller and show less possibilities of animal-eats-animal scenarios, and the food webs show more possibilities to animal-eats-animal. All you have to do to do this is just get more animals and
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Unformatted text preview: show more possibilities to this action, and also link all of them together and you get a food web. 3. The habitat is just its environment. For example in the Prairie dog example, it lives in fields and of course prairies, which are located in states, like Arkansas Tennessee, and so on… 4. It is not possible because the pyramid to the right of this question is stating by the pyramid getting bigger to the top and skinnier to the bottom that there is more energy at the top of the food pyramid than the bottom. This is not true because about 90% of the animal’s energy is being used, and only about 10% is being stored for the predator of the particular animal to eat. So this means that the energy pyramid must get smaller at the top because there is less energy being absorbed or in other terms eaten....
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