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science 9.26.07 - • No You can’t live without oxygen...

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Roy lan #2 KTH 9/26/07 Science 40-41 They are considered consumers because they break down the nutrients of other animals to feed its self. The decomposers differ from the producers because the producers can make its own food by using the sunlight and carbon dioxide, but on the other hand the decomposers can’t produce their own food through photosynthesis, they have to break it down or eat it like consumers. Most cells contain 70% water because the chemical reactions that take place in the animal’s metabolisms need that much water to work properly.
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Unformatted text preview: • No. You can’t live without oxygen because the chemical process which releases energy from food requires oxygen, so therefore we need oxygen to survive. • This meets the needs of an organism because it provides food, water, air, and living space. The ant provides very little food but to back it up there is a lake from which to feed upon. The cave gives you living space and so does the lake. The air supply is met because obviously every environment on earth has oxygen in it. The last necessity, water, is met by the lake....
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