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Roy Lan #2 KTH 10/10/08 Science Project Topic Topic: Which type of fertilizer is the best? This project is a relatively simple project but is enhanced with a certain multitude of complexity. There are 5 main types of fertilizer used to grow plants. The five types of fertilizers are: Complete Inorganic Fertilizers, Special Purpose Fertilizers, Liquid Fertilizers, Slow-Release Fertilizers, and Fertilizers enhanced with Insecticide. My mission is to see which one of these fertilizers works the best when used on plants. The plant that I will be testing in this project will be sunflowers. I will try to see which type of fertilizer will benefit the flower the most in terms of height. I chose sunflowers because they grow in most conditions contained within my house/lawn and also because they are
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Unformatted text preview: normally easy to grow. For the first graph, I will put the heights of the plants, in cm, on the Y-axis. I will put the type of fertilizer on the X-axis. After I find the most useful type of fertilizer I will then make the second graph. If the fertilizer is a liquid I will put the amount of it used on the X-axis, in ml. If the most useful fertilizer is a solid like mulch I will put the amount of fertilizer, in weight, on the X-axis. I will then put the height of the plant on the Y-axis. Therefore, I will be presenting two graphs, one of all 5 types of fertilizer, and one of just one type of fertilizer (the most useful one)....
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