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Roy Lan #2 KTH 9/21/07 Page 36-39 A river can use stimulus. It can do this by adapting to which way the river flows. It also does this by finding which is the easiest way to flow to a certain place. Also the river is made up of cells. It is made up of water molecules and they move around as well. The fur coat of a bear has to do with homeostasis because the fur on the bear makes living easier, and it helps the bears to adapt to the freezing temperatures of the arctic. It also helps maintain a normal temperature for their bodies. It does this by
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Unformatted text preview: warming up all parts of its body. When an animal reproduces it copies part of its DNA into the newborn organism which is called heredity. Some of the stimuli that I face in my environment are gravity, sunlight, temperature, and sounds. I react to these stimuli by putting on either fewer clothes or more clothes depending on the temperature. Also I use a hat or something else to block the sunlight from my eyes and body, or just use sunscreen....
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