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Our English heritage Influences from England’s Government The settlers brought the thought of representative and limited government. In England they were ruled by a Monarchy. The Magna Carta King John in 1199 didn’t like Nobles and then they rebelled later and made him sign a treaty called the Magna Carta which protected the Nobles rights and power. This also later included land owners and the average everyday person. It also said that no one was above the law, even the King or Queen. Parliament In the 1300’s Henry III made a legislature law making body called the Parliament. In 1688 King James II was booted out of the throne and was soon later ruled by his daughter Mary and the King William, and by doing so showed that the Parliament was stronger in power then the Monarch. Then later on the Monarch no longer had more power than the Parliament. Common Law The system of law, based on precedent and customs, is
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Unformatted text preview: known as common law. • Bringing the English Heritage to America • The Virginia House of Burgesses • First English settlement in America was Jamestown. • They made a charter that said that they have citizen ship and full rights as the people of England. • Then later the colonists chose two representatives from each county and were sent to meet with the governor. These 22 men were called the House of Burgesses. • The Mayflower Compact • Shortly after the 1620’s a new kind of people arrived in America called the Pilgrims. • They realized that they would need government and they all signed the Mayflower Compact. This made sure that they would make equal and fair laws when they came to America that was for the good of the Colony. • Early Colonial Governments • By 1733 13 colonies were made • Then shortly after every colony had its own government....
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