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2.2 - Trade ships from the shores • Also later on the...

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Colonial Resistance and Rebellion In 1760 George III took the throne and supported Mercantilism. The colonies were also forced to sell at low prices and buy from Britain at high prices. Then later due to the French and Indian war Britain also made the taxes worse for the colonials. This later led to the boycott form the colonials which instead of buying things from great Britain they made their own things and drank more coffee then English Tea. Then later they cancelled the Stamp Act Then later the colonists immediately started blocking the East India
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Unformatted text preview: Trade ships from the shores. • Also later on the English took away some of the rights that the Colonials had including trial by jury, and they also allowed British soldiers to move the colonial’s homes. • Movement Toward Independence • 12 of the colonies in America sent representatives over to England to express the thoughts of the colonials. • Later they sent a message to the King over in Britain about why the rights of the colonials should be restored. • Later in 1775 the king started a war with the colonials, two in fact because of this....
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