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Roy Lan #10 KTH 10/15/07 Section 4.1 First Amendment Freedoms The Constitution might not have been accepted if the Bill of Rights had not been included in the Constitution. It was added in 1791, and consists of 10 strict limits on the national governments power over the people, which protect our civil liberties. Freedom of Religion The freedom of religion of course protects us from Congress saying that you have to worship a certain way or belief. Freedom of Speech The freedom of speech ensures our right to say whatever we want and Congress cannot take that away from us. Freedom of the Press
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Unformatted text preview: Freedom of the press gives us the freedom to write whatever we feel like in newspapers, essays and so on Freedom of Assembly The Freedom of Assembly gives us the right to gather in a group unless it is a violent group. Freedom to petition The Freedom of petition gives us the freedom to express our feelings on things going on in the world. Limits to first amendment freedoms The things you do not have freedom to do is to start something life threatening or endangering such as starting riots or provoking others to do something violent....
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