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6.2 - • Only Congress may declare war on another country...

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Roy Lan #10 KTH 9/21/07 Section 6.2 Legislative powers Clause 18 is normally called the elastic clause because it allows Congress to stretch its powers for its needs as a form of government. Congress has the right to support the air force because it has the power to stretch its powers and also it has the powers to raise an army. Taxing and spending Congress is allowed to tax the citizens of the U.S. because we need taxes to support our government and our facilities. Congress uses two methods to spend the tax money, Authorization Bills and Appropriations Bills. Regulating Commerce Congress can also regulate Foreign and Interstate trades. Foreign Relations and Treaties
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Unformatted text preview: • Only Congress may declare war on another country • Also the Congress has to approve all treaties made with other countries. • Non legislative Powers • Congress may propose a constitutional amendment. • They are also allowed to control the Electoral College in which the president gets voted in to office. • The Power of Approval and Removal • The senate has powers to reject the president’s nominees for carious high-ranking officials such as federal judges, ambassadors, and Supreme Court justices. • The Congress has the power to fire anyone in the government that is against the law or Constitution....
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