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Roy Lan #10 KTH 10/29/07 1. Political parties- this is a group of voters that have general and common interests which are expressed through the representatives they vote. Two-party system- this is America’s party system which consists of 2 major parties, but there is another one, but it doesn’t usually get a lot of attention or winning elections. Third party- this is a party that is separate from the major two parties, and also does not have a president that won presidency. They are called this because they normally challenge the 2 other parties. Platform- this is a series of statements expressing the party’s principles and beliefs. Plank- this is an individual part of a plank. 2. The difference between the two parties is that Thomas Jefferson believed that the government should not have most of the power; the people should have most of the power. Hamilton believed that the government should be very strong and also the president should be strong as well,
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Unformatted text preview: because without a strong government then the people would not know how to act and behave. 3. They influence the overall outcome because they always challenge the other two parties, and also they are very different. 4. Hamilton’s way is the way of today. This is because the government wants power and more power, and also the people have a lot less power after the Civil War because the power of the states. 5. Democratic Party Republican Party The Democratic Party believes in a very big and strong government. The Republicans believe in a smaller less influential government. The Republicans believe in a strong economy so that the poor people will find better jobs. 6. The progressive party. It was a spoiler party because later Roosevelt joined the party and won the election. Roy Lan #10 KTH 10/29/07 9.1 notes...
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